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Freedom Ministries, Inc.
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Reverend Charlie Thompson's Testimony

I was trapped in the bondage of addiction and engaged in a criminal lifestyle when I had an encounter with the Lord, Jesus Christ. Approximately six years ago, I was in Washington D.C. when a woman invited me to a Christian conference. When I walked in I felt the presence of God and it felt like God was speaking directly to me. At the end of the service, Bishop Hilliard, the guest speaker, asked who would like to receive Jesus into their heart. I said the prayer of Salvation without hesitation and at that moment I knew my life would never be the same.

Two days later, I was at home in New Jersey riding down Route 1 in Woodbridge, when I stopped to buy a Bible. The women in the bookstore suggested I go to service in Perth Amboy. That same evening, I was astounded when I found myself standing back in front of Bishop Hilliard at a different time, in a different state. Right then and there I knew there was a tremendous call of God on my life.

The following year I started bringing the Gospel to the streets of Newark. After a couple of months I began to see God move in my life extremely powerfully and I knew he had big things in store for me.

I started Freedom Ministries on my own, working from my van. It has only been 3 years since then and we now have a staff of 11 employees and several volunteers. This past year we provided over 1000 people with substance abuse treatment referrals and we helped with feeding 100’s of families each month. We also have five vans and have recently moved into a new facility. In addition, we are collaborating with Newark Emergency Services for Children and Families and other community service organizations to help bring more stability to the lives of Newark Penn Station’s homeless community.

In addition, we have also been approved to be a food distributor for other area churches and organizations so that even more families can get the extra help they need.

In the future, I believe that we will have many more facilities in the metropolitan area to service the needs of the urban communities and that God will deliver 1000’s more people from their bondages through Freedom Ministries.


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